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Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran Off Again

Posted to Uncategorized» Artists at 2014-07-07

Well the on going saga between Chris Brown and his on again off again girlfriend Karrueche Tran is off again.Word on the street is Chris Brown is getting back to his old ways.Looks like Brown is not quite ready to be back into a full blown relationship fresh off his prison stint.According to sources Chris Brown has been treating his ex girlfriend Karrueche like a 2 dollar hoe with no respect.Friends say Chris is always flirting with other women even when he’s out with Karrueche and recently asked her to participate in threesome’s.Karrueche was truly offended by this and it drove her to completely break it off with the troubled R&B singer.

Let’s see how long this break up will last as this has been the normal routine between these two over the last couple of years.

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Is Beyonce Accusing Jay-Z Of Cheating

Posted to Uncategorized» beyonce at 2014-07-06


Ever since?security footage?of Solange, slapping the Jigga out of Jay Z in a tightly-packed elevator as the trio exited a MET Gala after-party back in May, conspiracy theorists have gone all?kinds of crazy scenario, coming up with various explanations for?why?Solange did what she did, and why Queen B just stood there looking crazy, barely batting an eyelash.

Then a?fake Solange tweet?went viral claiming Jay struck Blue Ivys mom. Gossip?reports?claimed that Jay Z was getting too close to Rachel Roy, the fashion designer ex-wife of his estranged Roc-A-Fella/Rocawear co-founder Damon Dash.?Another rumor was put out that Jay Zs wanted to attend a Rihanna afterparty solo, and lets not forget the most recent rumor of the Jigga man himself sans had a years-long affair with the R&B singer Mya. Rumors, rumors, rumors.

My my my, how the Monkeyfoolishness spreads.


Beyonc? did some damage control by diffusing the situation by posting?a series of Instagrams?featuring her and her younger sis in happier times. And just like that, all seemed happy with the musical couple. At least for now.

But that was short lived, ?last ?Saturday night while performing on their dual On the Run tour at The Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, Ohio, Beyonc? decided to drop a little surprise on the laps of her fans. In the middle of her song Resentment, the pop diva tweaked the lyrics a lil bit.

She said in her new lyrics:

Been ridin with you for 12 years, why did I deserve to be treated this way by you, she sang. I know youre probably thinkin, Whats up with B Ive been cryin I cant stop cryin Cant stop cryin You couldve told me you werent happy. I know you didnt want to hurt me, she sang. I got a look in her eyes and seen shes had half of me. She aint even half of me. That bitch will?never?be.

Now in the original song, the lyrics go

Been ridin with you for six yearsbut Jay Z and Beyonc? have been together for 12and instead of, I gotta look at her in her eyes and see shes had half of me, She aint even half of me. That bitch will?never?be.?

Now, this could be another example of Beyonc? mind fucking all the recent gossip and rumors made by other sources. Either way, the Internet lost it and don’t know how to react.

When it comes to the falling out between Jay Z and Damon Dash, and rumors of Jay Z going after Dash wife, there is a bit of precedent. The two were best buds and, along with Kareem Burke, founded the label Roc-A-Fella Records together in 1995. But in 2004, their relationship?was?no more. According to their friend, producer/filmmaker Choke No Joke, it was over a mutual flame.

The filmmaker said “Both Jay and Dame was involved with a certain R&B singer, who Im not gonna say her name out of respect cause she aint around to defend herself, but I believe that was a part of the initial friction.”

Many believed the woman in question was Aaliyah, whom Dash dated from the summer of 2000 up until her tragic death on Aug. 25, 2001, but those were just rumors.

As far as the Rachel Roy/MET Gala situation goes, Dash?said, If [Jay Z] was trying to holla at my wife though, thats kind of fucked up. But I dont think he was doing that. But that would be bad. That would be dark. That means he really has some resentment, but I would hope that wouldnt be the case.

Personally I highly doubt Jay Z is cheating on Beyonce. I mean why would he. But that just my opinion.? Let us know what you think.

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Nicky Minaj & Iggy Azealas Post B.E.T Awards Responses

Posted to Uncategorized» Artists at 2014-07-04

Well after a week of media and internet fans instigating a match up between Nicky Minaj & Iggy Aaealia both ladies have responded.Nick clarified her statment on twitter when she posted.

The media puts words in my mouth all the time and this is no different. I will always take a stance on women writing b/c I believe in us! I believe were smart enough to write down our own thoughts and perspective, just like the men do. Ive been saying this for 5 YEARS. I fell in love with Lauryn Hill b/c I knew she was the author behind those amazingly profound and articulated songs on the MisEducation. I wondered how Lauryn tapped into my brain and wrote an album on love, betrayal, passion, pain, triumph, brokenness. Did she read minds Its the same reason I have a different level of respect for Missy. I know shes a writer and a producer. Women MUST aspire for more. Ive congratulated Iggy on the success of Fancy, publicly. She should be very proud of that. All the women nominated should b proud. That will never change my desire to motivate women to write. Our voices have to be heard. I hope I inspire up & coming females to do that.

Iggy released her own statement via Instagram

Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 8.03.35 PM

Who needs a publicist anymore…best of luck to both ladies

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Ciara Brides Magazine Cover

Posted to Uncategorized» ciara at 2014-07-04

Ciara looked fabulous on the cover of Bride Magazine wearing all white.I thought it was reserved for a virgin bride but who follows customs anymore.The truth is she looked great at I’m sure she is very happy these days with her new family.

Check out the cover below..


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90s Group Hi Five Russell Neal Charged With Murdering His Wife

Posted to Uncategorized» Hip Hop News at 2014-07-04

Russell Neal has been charged with murdering his 24 year wife.Police say she was stabbed to death after the two got into a heated argument.Police also say that Catherine Martinez died from blunt force trauma and stab wounds.The 40 year old singer went to the police station and turned himself in asking for a lawyer.The couple had two kids who were not at home when the murders occurred.

Cathering was a fitness instructer seen here;

Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 1.21.41 PM

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Reginae Carter has joined Young Money

Posted to Uncategorized» Hip Hop News at 2014-07-04

First I must say Im not surprised but I am excited about the addition to the Young Money family… So Lil Wayne recently announced that his beautiful daughter Reginae Carter is signed to his label. Duhhh, great move, and if she has real skill and talent, her dad will direct her career in the right path….


Reginae used to be member of the OMG Girlz, a hiphop group of girls out of ATL managed by T.I’s wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle and Kiesha Miles. Lil Wayne supported her through that journey and I’m 100% sure he will do the same and more now that she’s signed to his label.


Back in early 2013 Mack Maine leaked the rumor that Reginae would most likely sign with Young Money, but there was no confirmation from either parties.

Mack Maine stated:

“Waynes daughter, Reginae, is actually signed to Young Money now, Just expect greatness. Shes Toya’s daughter and Waynes daughter, so thats a great combination. Shes a star, put it like that. A megastar.

So we should have been prepared for this news. We are def excited to hear and can’t wait to hear the collaboration.


A few weeks ago on a Lil Wayne’s weekly video series called Weezy Wednesdays, he bragged about his daughter and he stated,

” Yes she’s officially stamped as a Young Money artist”, Reginae Carter is now a Young Money artist”.


Anything Lil Wayne touch or work on instantly becomes great, we can’t wait . Hopefully Lil Wayne will shape Reginae to run female hiphop for her generation.



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Elle V. vs K. Michelle

Posted to Uncategorized» Hip Hop News at 2014-07-04

Who says Elle Varner and K. Michelle who use to be the best of friends, are no longer BFF anymore. It appears that these two are fighting over rapper Meek Mill.

A couple of days ago, Meek Mill posted pics of Elle Varner to his Instgram account, joking about the time Elle curved him in a prior encounter back in January.

I know what you thinking, What does this have to do with K. Michelle

Well K. Michelle and Meek Mill secretly dated before and she is not feeling the photos at all.

She went to her Instagram page to express how she really felt:

“People be smiling in the pictures not knowing they getting dissed in the caption. HA. You definitely need a REFILL as thirsty as you are. Jokes on you and you didnt even know it!”

Moments later K. Michelle deleted her post but, Elle Varner has responded.

It was funny. It got taken out of proportion. Whatever she took from that is not my problem.

Seem like Elle is not really sweating it and I dont blame her. I mean it is just a picture and it just social network

Sigh! Sounds petty to me, but we hope these two can move past this. Get a grip K. Michelle it just a piece of man.

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Popular Orlando Dj Disco Jr Stabbed To Death In Tier Night Club

Posted to Uncategorized» Hip Hop News at 2014-06-30

It was shortly after 1am when an altercation between Disco Jr and 35 year old Gavin Brown left the popular Dj fighting for his life.The 28 year father of 2 father died later at the hospital.Police have Gavin Brown in custody who is currently charged with aggravated murder with a deadly weapon, with murder chargers pending.

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Lil Wayne Performs Krazy At 2014 BET Awards

Posted to Uncategorized» Artists at 2014-06-30

Lil Wayne performs his new track “Krazy” at the 2014 B.E.T Awards,the track was leaked last week as part of Weezy Wednesday.the song is an official release fro Wayne’s next project Carter V.

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Lil Durk And OTF Crew Confronts Rapper Game In L.A

Posted to Uncategorized» Artists at 2014-06-30

According to various sources and video footage it looks like The Game and Chicago rapper Lil Durk came face to face after trading verbal jabs.The beef between Game and Durk started? when Game threw a few shots at Durk On Tygas song Chiraq To LA..When the two finally met this weekend here’s what went down,shortly after this Game took to his twitter to announce the beef had been squashed.

Take a look at the video below….

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 11.59.39 AM

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Is Singer/Actress Lauren London Pregnant by another rapper

Posted to Uncategorized» Hip Hop News at 2014-06-29

No confirmation from Ms.London’s camp or her boo camps but word on the streets is, rapper Nipsey Hussle got?Lauren London pregnant… released this insider info, so until we can confirm this info this will be a rumor.

We all know Laura is doing awesome on the series on BET “The Game”, I wonder how will this this affect her role on the show Laura and Nipsey have been dating for a lil bit but are they ready for a baby together Are they ready for the next step ?



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Rick Ross Arrested In North Carolina

Posted to Uncategorized» Artists at 2014-06-29

Rick Ross is back in the news again and this time it’s not from gang threats and being blocked from show.The Miami rapper was arrested in North Carolina fro a parole violation.Accorinding to TMZ there was arrest warrant out for Ross after he bucked a marijuana arrest in Greensboro back in 2013.So after his Friday Night performance at SuperJam 2014 at the Greensboro Coliseum,police took him into custody.

Atleast they let him rock out for his fans before taking him into custody.Ross has since been released after posting $1000 bond and i’m sure the boss had that in his pocket.I’m also guessing Ross is going to have a talk with his lawyer who i’m sure is supposed to handle things like this in advance.

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Rapper French Montana stepped up for Khloe Kardashian Bday

Posted to Uncategorized» Hip Hop News at 2014-06-28

These fools think we are crazy, they starting off as couple of the year… French is becoming a Kardashian just like lil Kanye, and he is doing a good job. Kris Jenner loves him, we here her sisters loves him as well. But the couple are claiming their not a couple only close ” friends”, yea right….

So French planned and hosted ?a huge Birthday party for Khloe?at Don Coqui in Bronx, NY?Thursday?night. ?Then on her birthday?Friday?night, he went all in for his Dash boo. He threw her a huge yacht party for for celebrity friends and family. French went beyond all in by spending over $100,000+ On the party and the gifts he gave her. And they not a couple, please…..


Now if they not a couple, what an awesome ” friend” he is he gave Khloe a?$50,000 Jeep Wrangler in front of her friends and family, seems like a man letting the world know who is boo is. Ohhh but that’s not only it,?He also gave the reality star a 18k gold full finger ring and two grills. ?They are obviously in love and he can’t hide it…


We are happy to hear that Khloe is happy again especially after the split from Lamar. If the couple are dating it seems that French would make a great addition to the Kardashian Klan. There was rumors that rapper Trina from Miami was or is currently pregnant was French’s baby, but those rumors weren’t confirmed…

Anyways glad you had fun Khloe, and French your a good man.



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Kanye West community service will be lecturing at a Fashion School

Posted to Uncategorized» Hip Hop News at 2014-06-28

What I was unaware that teaching at a fashion school was part of Kanye’s punishment for beating up that paparazzi.

Remember West was sentenced to 24 months probation, 24 therapy sessions for anger management and 250 hours of community service kicking that paparazzo behind . Some say Kanye went to far because he brutally beat the?young paparazzo, Daniel Ramon. Others say Daniel deserved the beating for disrespecting him at LAX airport. I dont care what he said once you put your hands on someone you better be ready for the consequences, so it better be worth it.

According to TMZ,?on Monday?morning Kanye arrived at L.A. Trade Technical College.

We all know he?was ordered to complete community service, but Mr.West?was actually? teaching the?young fashion students. So I guess highly famous Kanye can’t pick up trash on the side of the side of the road, lol child boo….

Kanye got a lil run in fashion, and now he is considered an influential person in the fashion industry… I dont know, he sure is something else….?

Well sweet deal Kanye, Im sure the students will see this as a huge opportunity.




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Ice T Grandson Arrested After Accidently Killing Roommate

Posted to Uncategorized» Hip Hop News at 2014-06-27

Ex Rapper and current Actor and Reality Stat Ice T is having to deal with something most parents fear.His Grandson has been arrested and charged with involuntary manslaughter after accidentally shooting his roommate.According to sources the 19 year old Elyjah Marrow was fiddling with the gun when it wen tof killing 19 year Daryus Johnson.Georgi Police also charged him with possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute, and possession of a stolen firearm.Marrow appeared on his grandfathers reality show, Ice Loves Coco.

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