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Boxer Adrien Broner Rants About Love & Going to Heaven To Slap 2pac

Posted to Uncategorized» Hip Hop News at 2014-11-03

Adrien Broner released a depression video where he calls all his baby mammas hoes and going to heaven to slap Michael Jackson & 2pac.

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Drake Drops Stacks Of Cash Running To The Defense Of His Dj

Posted to Uncategorized» Hip Hop News at 2014-10-27

Word on the street is that Drake’s DJ was got punched in the face and was knocked out in club stadium in DC.This what sent Drake into a rage as he rushed back into the club to save his DJ from danger.Super Drake to the rescue dropped bundles of cash as he entered the club.But don’t worry there were a few females around who were able to recover the funds for an early Thanksgiving.

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Bobby Shmurda Rants About Not Getting Paid From Shows Again

Posted to Uncategorized» Hip Hop News at 2014-10-17

According to Bobby Shmurda’s mom who is also his manager he is still new to the buisness and does not know the full process.She released a statement to Billboard stating Its not that hes not getting paid, its that hes new to the business,.

She also added Theres a chain of command that he has to go through before he gets his payment. I guess hes thinking all the money should go from the front man to his hands it doesnt work like that. Of course they hold onto it so he actually does the show. Then it goes to his business manager, then to the touring accountant, and then to him.

This is not the 1st time Bobby Spazzed out about Management he once accused this same team of stealing more than 20k from his bank accounts which were also for show performances.

Check out the rant below

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Lil Twist Joins Tyga In his Disappointment With Young Money Cash MOney

Posted to Uncategorized» Hip Hop News at 2014-10-13

Rapper Lil Twist took to his twitter the same way his label mate Tyga did and voiced his opinion on how he is currently being treated as a YMCMB artist.According to Lil Twist his mangement is not returning his calls or allowing him to release music that he has long since completed.

Check out the tweet that Lil Twist released below


Lil Twist did not name any names but it’s not hard to tell who the tweet was targeted at.With Birdman spending all his time with Young Thug and Lil Wayne making babies the rest of YMCMB is forced to fend for themselves.

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Rapper Tyga Wants Off Cash Money Young Money

Posted to Uncategorized» Hip Hop News at 2014-10-10

Tgya took to his twitter today and went on a short rant but got his point across.According to Tyga his new album has been completed and ready to release but the label is not interested.

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 10.16.41 PM

Tyga who has long seemed like the outsider on Young Money/Cash Money looks to be trying to get off the label.

Check out his tweets from earlier today

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 10.24.37 PM

Cash Money is known for not paying artist over the years but it does not seem to stop them from recruiting new talent.Birdman has been recently courting rappers Young Thug & Rich Homie Quan to join the label as Rich Gang.

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Waka FLocka Flame Arrested For Gun Possesion At Airport

Posted to Uncategorized» Hip Hop News at 2014-10-10

Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka was arrested in Atlanta today for carrying a loaded firearm.According to Atlanta police the weapon was located in a domestic checkpoint lane at the airport.Waka whose real name is Juaquin James Malphurs, did not have a weapons permit. Waka was arrested and charged with carrying a weapon in a prohibited place.Stay tuned for more details on this and more.

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Drake Under Investigation For Death Threats Made to Stripper Jhonni Blaze

Posted to Uncategorized» Hip Hop News at 2014-10-09

What sounds like something straight out of a Life time movie is very real for rapper Drake.According to Popular stripper Jhonni Blaze Drake has made death threats against her after she revealed she revealed details about there relationship.Now where not quite sure if Jhonni is claiming to be?pregnant since she claims Drake always puts his babies in her mouth.This could just be a publicity stunt or the case of a jealous lover since Drake moved on and started a new relationship with another popular model named Lira Galore.

Here’s what Jhonni had to say about the ordeal when asked about the situation she filed with the Houston,Texas police dept.


“I would never talk about nobody and I don’t have nothing bad to say about Drake,” she said during an interview with the?Madd Hatta Morning Show. “I never called the police on Aubrey [Drake's given name]. I actually called the police because my friend came home and she said that some guys said that they were looking for me. So, I documented that for my protection and for some odd reason people were calling me looney.”

“I did what was right as a woman and just filed a police report for my safety, in case something happened to me,” Blaze said, according to?Music Times. “I apologize to the whole staff and whoever works with Drake. I apologize from my heart.”

Do you think that this is just a case of a hurt female seeking attention or is Drake really threatening girls to keep quite once he’s had his way with them

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Rich Homie Quans Father Shot Four Times During Armed Robbery

Posted to Uncategorized» Hip Hop News at 2014-09-30

News broke on Monday that rapper Rich Homie Quan’s father was shot four times in his barber shop.The gun man burst into the barber shop and opened fire which sounds more like some type of hit than a robbery.But ?Corey Lamar is not just Rich Homie’s father but he’s also the Mgr of his son’s music career.

I heard about three gunshots, and so I saw the guy come out, said witness Van White. White says he heard the gunshots, saw the gunman and chased after him, but he got away. He got in a black car, and thats all I know from there, White said. (WSB TV)

He was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and is expected to make a full recovery,Rich Homie was present at the hospital as his dad went thru surgery.

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Does Lil Wayne Have Two New Babies On The Way

Posted to Uncategorized» Artists at 2014-09-29

Rumor has that rapper Lil Wayne is expecting two more babies to add to his rapidly growing family.Either these reports are untrue or Lil Wayne now has his Fiance Dhea and his new girlfriend Christina Milian pregnant.Now the pregnancy with Christina has not been confirmed but there was a recent picture that surfaced where Christina looked like she had a small baby bump.The rumors started a while back once the blogs began to follow the couple more closely since she signed to his label.

The controversey seems to be amplified by the fact that Lil Wayne already shares a baby with Christina’s ex husband The Dream who has a child with Lil Wayne’s ex girlfriend Nivea.The dream was also married to Christina Milian and they also have a child together.So Basically both The Dream & Lil Wayne will have kids by Christina & Nivea.

Here’s how Nivea feels about the situation….

One big happy family….

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Amber Rose files for divorce from Wiz Khalifa and wants full custody

Posted to Uncategorized» Hip Hop News at 2014-09-24

Heartbreaking News coming from Splitsville. Many different news sources state that?Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose are getting a divorce, and rumors are even surfacing?that there is irreconsilable differences between the couple, and that they were both “bitter”. Apparently before they were married Amber Rose signed a pre-nup, and that for the sake of his child, he agreed to pay child support. Apparently she is already seeking for full custody, but that she has no problem with giving him visitation rights to see his son.


News Outlets also claim that there is some friction about who is cheating, if its either Wiz, or Amber Rose. Sources claim there is something funny going on because Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey just filed for divorce, and Nick Cannon has also become Amber Rose’s new manager.


Sound off below, do you think Nick Cannon and Amber Rose are having a secret relationship, or do you think it is just business and Wiz Khalifa is doing all the cheating



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Amber Rose Files For Divorce From Wiz Khalifa

Posted to Uncategorized» Artists at 2014-09-24

Sorry this could not last forever but TMZ is reporting that Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa are going there separate ways.Amber Rose filed for divorce on monday siting irreconcilable differences.Abmer does want full custody of there baby boy but is willing to grant visitation rights.The couple did a have a prenup in place but Amber will receive support from Wiz as part of the divorce agreement.

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Rihanna On The List Of 2nd Wave Of Nude Celebrity Hack Victims

Posted to Uncategorized» Hip Hop News at 2014-09-22

According to multiple reports Rihanna is on the list of a 2nd wave of celebs to have there personal images released to the public.Also on the list are more Kim Kardashian photos,former Disney Channel star Vanessa Hudgens and U.S. Olympic soccer team goalie Hope Solo.The FBI has been investigating the case since the first batch of photos were released.Basketball star Dwayne Wade’s wife was among the first batch of nudes leaked online.Apple has vowed to beef up it’s online security in the meantime.

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Shad Moss Aka Bow Wow And Erica Mena Engaged To Be Married

Posted to Uncategorized» Hip Hop News at 2014-09-22

After 6 months of dating Erica Mena it looks like Bow Wow is ready to say i do.During an interview with Jack Thriller on the red carpet Eric announced her and Shad are engaged to be married.This came as a surprise to many people who may have not known the seriousness of there relationship.Most people did not even know they were dating.

Well good luck to them both and we wish them nothing but the best…

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Leaked nude pics of Gabrielle Union

Posted to Uncategorized» Hip Hop News at 2014-09-21

There have been a crazy amount of nude celebrity photos that have been leaked recently (over 100) and now our girl next door Gabby Union is one of its latest victims.?Gabrielle Union has admitted that the nude photos online are real and she shared with her new husband NBA Heat player Dwyane Wade.
The Wades has reportedly contacted the FBI already for a full investigation and plans to follow through with the law.?So apparently the photos were stolen from the celebrities iCloud account. So is this an apple issue Is it the firms issues Either ?way we have some pissed celebrities.
Mrs. Union gave a statement to TMZ with her husband D. Wade at her side:

‘It has come to our attention it has come to our attention that our private moments, that were shared and deleted solely between my husband and myself, have been leaked by some vultures.’ She also stated, ‘I cant help but to be reminded that since the dawn of time women and children, specifically women of color, have been victimized, and the power over their own bodies taken from them,’ the statement also said. ‘These atrocities against women and children continue worldwide.’

Some speculate this was a publicity stunt for the show Mary Jane but Gabby has never been the thirsty type so dead that rumor. Obviously this was malicious and hopefully they will catch the perv doing this….

By the way Kim K pics were leaked too but we seen her back in Ray J days.


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Keyshia Cole arrested over Birdman

Posted to Uncategorized» Hip Hop News at 2014-09-19


Who knew Keyshia Cole and Birdman of Cash Money Records were dating Not only that who knew Keyshia Cole was crazy as hell Lord not only that why would Keyshia Cole beat the religion out this THOT she caught at Birdmans house

Keyshia Cole was arrested and spent this morning behind bars after allegedly “assaulting” a young lady who spent the night at Birdman’s house…. Bishhhh whet Maybe I’m late but shoot I didn’t know they were dating.. And listen it seems that Keyshia is not willing to lose another relationship cuz of no chick…. Keyshia snapped, poor baby girl you messed up.

So according to news reports RnB singer Keyshia Tyson sorry I meant Cole, showed up at the Carlyle condo complex in West L.A. Early this morning around 5 AM. Apparently she was there to see Birdman but Birdman didn’t know because he had his own company…. Talk about ratchet.

My question is why would security let her go up to Birdman’s penthouse, thats some incompetent shit. So anyways when Ms.Cole got to the the penthouse suite she saw the young lady chillin in his spot and she lost it.

They said Keyshia put the claws on chick, leaving scratches all over her face and neck. Witnesses called the police and Keyshia was of course arrested for battery and an outstanding reckless driving warrant. Why you acting up Keyshia and you got a warrant,

Keyshia was just released this morning on a $46,000 bail and is expected in court very soon. Quick question Keyshia, was Birdman worth it

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