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Does Lil Wayne Want Off Cash Money His Twitter Says So

Posted to Uncategorized» Hip Hop News at 2014-12-04

Out of no where today a series of tweets were released from Rapper Lil Wayne’s Twitter account letting fans know he his new album Tha Carter V is not being released.The rapper stated?that he is a prisoner along with his creativity and he wants off the label he has been a part of his whole career.No word has been released from anyone from Cash Money including the President Mack Maine who is usually the first one to come out and dead all rumors.So where not sure if Wayne’s Page was hacked or is it really him.If is it could spell big trouble for Cash Money who had the same problem last month with there artist Tyga which sparked a fued with label mate Drake.

Screen shot 2014-12-04 at 5.36.13 PM

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The Return Of Meek Mills

Posted to Uncategorized» Hip Hop News at 2014-12-04

Philadelphia rapper Meek Mills was released from Prison on Tuesday after Judge Genese Brinkley sentenced him to three to six months for parole violation.The bad news for Meek Mill is that the Judge restarted his 5 year probation sentence and also said the rapper must take etiquette classes.Meeks album was scheduled to be released in september but was postponed since the rapper was arrested.Now that Meek is a free man for the most part let’s see if he can stay out trouble and release a his next album.Dreams Worth More Than Money was highly anticipated and may even be more highly anticipated since his release.

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South Floridas #1 Clothing Brand Fly Supply Ready For The Big Leagues

Posted to Uncategorized» Hip Hop News at 2014-11-28

This is the first interview that the creators of “Fly Supply” has granted to anyone as a company.We caught with the five partners at there trendy North Miami Warehouse where we got a chance to check out there new line of cut and sew garments.It’s our privilege to introduce these visionary entrepanaurs Reginald Bordaue (aka ?Reggie) Kevin Pamphile (aka ?KP) Rick Maxwell Garrett Brown (aka Gary) & Chad Simpson.

24: What made you name your brand Fly Supply

Rick:?The name came from a freestyle,I was in the car riding one day coming from work and I said it. It kind of rand a bell. The first person I called was Gary and same thing happened with him, he said he liked it. Then I called KP and got even better consign. He kept telling me how much he liked it and I told him to come up with the logo and what not.

24: Dope! So Hip Hop definitely inspired Fly Supply! Now let’s talk business. How many partners are in Fly Supply and do you have individual job titles

Reggie:?It’s actually five partners’ I believe we all collectively bring stuff to the table. We all work together at the same time, we’re a great team. We all have different attributes individually but make it a group effort.

24: So let’s get a little deeper and talk about the design process. When your coming up with a t-shirt design does everybody sit down around a table and give ideas or how does that work

KP:?Well all of us have concepts but essentially it starts with myself and Rick. As far as designs we usually get in the lab together and come up with something that’s dope. Then we add it to the books and collectively come together to make the final decision.



24: If you don’t mind can you all tell us what you where doing career wise before Fly Supply

Reggie: I was actually focused and doing my thing with the graphic and web design’ Which was great for back then I just needed a new challenge.

Gary: I was doing sales for AT&T I picked up a lot as far as sales’ Just learning how to sell. After that I was driving trucks for Budweiser. I actually left from Budweiser to do Fly Supply.

KP: Starting out I was on my freelance graphics thing. I had a couple clients I would do logos, cd covers, multi media, filming video editing and stuff of that nature. I also had a gig at this print shop called Korum.

Rick: I was working with ?AT&T too, working with sales & retention. That’s kind of how i got my people skills, just talking to people all around the world everyday.

Chad: I was in the league and at that time I was playing for the Indianapolis Colts. That off season I got traded to the Redskins then went over sees to play in Canada for a while.

24: You all seem to have something in common when speaking of your former jobs. It’s like you all say, the job you had prior gave you something to bring to the table when you got to Fly Supply.

24: What made you say I quit

Reggie: For me the money was great! I was doing my thing with my graphics and web company, I just got burnt out to be honest with you i was doing it for ten years. I built it ground up day to day dealing with customers and as you grow you get more headaches and people get more demanding. I didn’t shy away from it, I just needed a new challenge. I walked away from some good money, comfortable money. I just needed something new! Plus I loved what theses guys were doing so it was the perfect marriage.

Gary: We all had a pact that at a certain date we were going to leave. The reason for that was because business was picking up. A lot of times we would go from Atlanta or Vegas doing a show and go straight to work. I was driving trucks so that wasn’t safe for me or the public. Pretty much the growth of it’ people were staring to appreciate what we where doing. The growth of the brand forced us and now we get a chance to leave something behind.

KP: I actually quit a little earlier ?I quit Korum like in the beginning when we first got a machine. I used to talk to Gary a lot when I was working. We always talked about how we had to start focusing on Fly Supply. Gary’s father actually gave us a loan to start of’ and we?all came together, it was four of us at the time to get the money for the machine. I remember Gary calling me like, the work has reached the Carter! After that is was on. We got the machine and it was just learning after that. I took a big step and we all followed suit. We knew it was going to take more focus.

Rick: With me it was more of the workload Of course we already made the pact but we had a gauge workload. When we first started we were doing our own production and printing. So there were some nights I get of work at like 7pm get something to eat, be in the shop by 8, 8:30 and be banging it out until 3 or 4am in the morning. Just grinding, we are still grinding but now we don’t have that 7 – 8 hours behind tied down to anything else. That’s really what we were trying to get away from. We call ourselves run away slaves ‘We not trying to be held down to a 9-5 job. I wasn’t growing and ?my job wasn’t using my full potential.

24: What was the easiest part about building Fly Supply

Reggie: In my opinion the easiest part is we all can communicate with each other. I mean I see these dudes more than I do my family. It’s crazy I talk to some of my old clients and they ask how many partners there are. I’ll say 5 and they can’t believe we are actually working it out! I mean I’ve seen people that can’t make it work with one other partner. Even myself, I said I would never get another partner after I had a little falling out with my last partners until Fly Supply. I realized I could really rock with these dudes. We all have the same drive, same ambition and we are all hustlers in our own right. So when we put all of our hustles together and have that level of respect you won’t bump heads as much.

KP: Yes communication and everyone coming together without ego. We all work together really well ?from the creative aspect to all the decisions making in the business, we always come together and make it harmoniously work.

Gary: The easiest part is that we are all willing to work so when we face those challenges we don’t lose. At the end of the day your drained but you know that your partners are going to do their part. That’s what makes this whole thing work.

24: What’s the biggest stumbling block for Fly Supply

Rick: I think every time we step into a new arena like with the cut & sew, no one here has a fashion background. So we are teaching ourselves everything and every time we learn something new we take a small step back but we always learn. It’s not too tough because everybody in here has heart. We know how to pick each other up and boost up each other’s morale and stuff like that. That first experience is always hard because you don’t have anybody to lean on to tell you go with this, this is right etc.

Gary: I would say the hardest part to me is people and their word don’t really hold any weight anymore. The integrity is not there anymore. We’re starting to realize that this is a calendar business. Everything is time just realizing if you loose a day here it will cost a week here. So for me the integrity of other people when they tell you 7 days and it turns into 30 days. Now something that probably cost $500 turns into $20,000. I think those type if things, just dealing with the lack of integrity is the toughest thing we face.

24: I know you said you have a cut & sew line coming out. Can you briefly explain the difference between the t- shirt line we all know Fly Supply for and the Cut & Sew line coming out for the holiday season

KP: Cut & Sew is pretty much from scratch the t-shirts we would just buy the t-shirts and get the artwork printed on them. Cut & Sew you are actually telling the factories overseas about the material, cut, stitching, care tags, buttons, detail etc


24: How do you all go about coming up with the design concepts

Rick: We get in the lab and we zone out music definitely helps us. Me myself, I see things, I’ve been blessed with vision. I can see one little thing that inspires me to see the big picture. Like when Fly Supply started being birthed and Kap (KP) gave me the information that I needed to give him to get started in creating the logo all I saw was the “F”. I was like I don’t care what you do but that F has to be just like this do this and this and he just brought it to life. We have that good relationship when designing. We’ve got a little assembly line i give him what he needs he does ihis thing and we just go back and forth.

KP: And it’s always what ifs We never settle into a final project. We like to go deeper’ like what if this had something right here What if this was another color What if That’s how we get creative and take it to the next level.

How often does Fly Supply release a new design Is it a certain time frame

KP: Right now we’re still working out the kinks of the calendar. We kind if got a hang if it. Really we do shows in Atlanta. So we release designs to show and they will purchase it and put it in their stores. We also have online releases too.

24: Is there a spring-summer, fall-winter release type of thing

Reggie: I would say now and moving forward especially going into Cut & Sew. Now you have to start following protocol with the fashion industry and delivery dates. Sometimes it takes 60 productions and up to 30 days to come from over seas so you really have to follow production guidelines. That’s also how we discover our calendar, whether it’s Fall/Winter, Holiday 1 or a quick strike just to get the name out there until your official product get produced.

Periodically like every three months we usually drop something..

KP: To add on to what Reggie says re: the Cut & Sew calendar you actually need to be 1 year ahead. We just recently learned that so we are trying to catch up with that.



24: So how you catch up for a year

KP: Grinding. Losing weight and losing sleep. (Laughs$)

24: Now you know you all are laying a blueprint for all you fans and we thanks you. Is Fly Supply just for men Do you do children or woman’s clothing

Rick: Right now it’s for men’ anybody from the age of 16 and up that wear the shirts. Females wear the T- shirts too! Actually on our new release on IG and the blogs females have been wanting to wear the joggers. Right now we just focusing on the men. And in the future it might open up to something else.

24: Individually who do you think the hottest celeb, artist or athlete is that has worn Fly Supply

Reggie: Man it’s been so many people that wore Fly Supply. 50cent wore our stuff. Diddy wore out stuff. Juelz Santana, Scarface

Gary: For me the person I felt had the most style was Ocho Cinco. Everytime he puts it on.’ Everybody makes it look well but Ocho got the build and fashion sense.

24: Is Fly Supply considered an Urban line If you had to put it in a bracket what would it be

RICK: I wouldn’t consider us to be an urban line. We are outside the box.

KP:?It has an urban undertone but it appeals to the masses’ It’s cross over.

24: I see Fly Supply is now in City Gear. Are you looking to stay independent or would you get bought out by a bigger brand For example Enyce was bought out by Liz Claiborne then Diddy bought it.

Gary: I mean everybody has a price! To be honest with you at this moment in time we are just enjoying the process. We have our own challenges that we are facing but we are enjoying the journey. Should that ever happen I wish the person that gets it shares the a mane vision with you.

Reggie: Yeah, share the same hustle and the same grind. To me Rocawear isn’t the same after they got bought out. Phat Farm wasn’t the same after they got bought out. Fly Supply the vision is everlasting so….going back to that price!

24: That brings me to my next question. If Walmart came at you and requested 50,000 t-shirts for each location what are you all going to do

Reggie: It’s funny that you mention Walmart’ At a trade show they reached out to us. We already had an internal discussion about this amongst ourselves. No it’s not fly

Rick: It’s not Fly Supply but it’s a big move.

KP: To get that attention from them is a big move but it’s not Fly Supply. We take it as a compliment.

Gary:?The person that liked it and actually gave us the card wasn’t somebody you would think. I was kind of weird. He was a Caucasian male in his forties and he saw one of the designs and started having a conversation with us. That just goes to show Fly Supply is limitless we appeal to everybody. It stands for something. I believe it’s a rebel thing’ The graphics on some of our shirts may be something you might not want to wear around your kids or certain places. Those are the rebel ones’ I believe all of our customers have a little rebel in them.



24: Is there any specific advice you can give to an up and coming designer that’s looking to go into a T-Shirt brand

KP: Do your research’ You have to learn you have read that’s what we did. We figured it out!

Rick: I say don’t quit’ No matter how many times you fall down or how many obstacles you come across keep being a problem solver. There were countless nights when we tried to figure out certain stuff when every night was a disappointment but every night we kept meeting up. Just don’t quit!

Reggie:?It’s going to be a million doors shut in your face but it’s going to be that one door that’s going to lead you were you need to go.

Gary:?You just have to trust the process and trust each other and trust your creations that you come up with. A lot of times with Fly Supply it’s not for everybody. I mean everybody can wear it but you have to understand that some things are just not for everybody.

24: Do you think somebody wearing Fly Supply has certain characteristics

Gary: I definitely think they have a rebel on them.

Reggie: They appreciate something outside the box.


24: What are the immediate future plans if Fly Supply

Reggie: To stay out of the box of a typical T-Shirt line’ We have a lot of surprises coming up. It’s about being bigger and better. Making sure we challenge ourselves every year to step outside the box but keeping the integrity of the brand. Not conforming to trends and being originals do creative at the same time. Also venturing off to things outside of garmets. We are looking into doing accessories, furnishings, life style products. Fly Supply, “being fly is a way of life” that’s what we’re all about.

KP: Just being a full brand’ you can step into any arena and trust that Fly Supply is going to deliver quality.

Gary: We do canvases as well you can find them in man caves everywhere’ you can buy them one line. We’re trying to own the home. That’s the goal.

24: How can and where can people find you all and interact with the brand

Reggie: Including the new account we picked up with City Gear which has over 150 locations, you can find us in over 400 retail locations throughout the United States and even worldwide. Were in Switzerland, Puerto Rico, Europe and Dubia. You can also check us out online @ you can also follow us on our social networks.

Rick: you can download the APP too! Go in your iTunes Store and type in Flu Supply Clothing and you can download out official App!

24: Are there any last comments that you want to leave the 24hourhiphop community with

Reggie: I just want to thank you guys for your support and trust

KP: I always appreciate the love and support from day one!!!

Gary: Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @FlySuppyCo. Thanks for the opportunity for this platform and hopefully our story will be an inspiration to everybody that’s like us. It’s a good thing to still be able to dream. at ?this point in our lives a lot of people stop dreaming.So it’s always a blessing everyday that we can still dream, travel, be creatives and pay our bills.

Rick: We dream and learn something everyday’ It’s a blessing to be able to do that. We work in a playground. We never really have a bad day, we have our bad times but it’s really not bad. We work in a playground for real!

24: Well I thank you for doing this exclusive interview with You all dropped a lot of jewels and information today for our viewers. I can’t wait until we do our second interview live with the cameras for 24HHH TV. Until next time be blessed!


















Tiffany Prince

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Rick Ross Interview With The Breakfast Club

Posted to Uncategorized» Hip Hop News at 2014-11-26

Rick Ross sits down with The Breakfast Club and talks about Hood Billionaire and the beef with him and Freeway Ricky Ross.He also speaks on Wale’s health and Meek Mills jail time and when his album is expected to be released.

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Chrisette Michele Releases The Lyricists Opus EP

Posted to Uncategorized» Hip Hop News at 2014-11-25

Chrisette Michele Releases ‘The Lyricists Opus’ EP

Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Chrisette Michele releases The Lyricists’ Opus, her debut EP from her new independent label, Rich Hipster. The highly anticipated project features 6 all new tracks including “Hennessy Shot,” “Super Chris”, and fan favorite “Together.” Download The Lyricists’ Opus on iTunes, GooglePlay, and Amazon now.

The Lyricists’ Opus

Watch more of Chrisette’s musical journey on season 3 of TV One’s “R&B Divas” beginning January 21st and on “The Opus Tour” beginning in San Francisco January 22nd.

Chrisette Michele – Together (Video Teaser)



Check out the video teaser for “Together” directed by famed photographer and video director, Derek Blanks.

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J Money and Yung L.A. Talks Comeback

Posted to Uncategorized» Hip Hop News at 2014-11-25

J Money and Yung L.A., sit down with DJ Smallz and break down their new mixtape, “Batman & Robin 2″ (Superhero Language), providing further insight from their reunion, the artwork and highlighting a few records.


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Big K.R.I.T. Pushes 44k In First Week Sales Of Cadillactica

Posted to Uncategorized» Hip Hop News at 2014-11-25

Big K.R.I.T. sits down with DJ Smallz, fresh off his first week sales numbers of 44k, his best ever, despite lack of TV and radio promotion and comments on it. He also weighs in on J. Cole’s upcoming new album, “2014 Forest Hills Drive”, announced 3 weeks before release with no TV or radio promotion.


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Revolt Travels To The Midwest For An Eye-Opening Look At Chicago.

Posted to Uncategorized» Hip Hop News at 2014-11-25

Hollywood, CA (November 24, 2014) REVOLT TV will air a 90-minute special film Chicago Love on November 26, 2014. Created by Sean Diddy Combs and produced by REVOLT CEO Keith Clinkscales and head of news Rahman Dukes, the documentary separates the fact from the fiction and explores the many causes behind the city of Chicagos challenges. On the heels of recent protests and violence in the Midwest, more specifically Ferguson, this documentary aims to answer the question on many minds: what is happening in Chicago

To view the trailer, please visit:

Violence in Chicago is sadly at an all-time high, and it is important to use all our voices to elevate the problem on a national level and help evolve the communities grappling with the consequences, stated executive producer and REVOLT CEO Keith Clinkscales.

Filmed during a time of music celebration in Chicago, REVOLT News used Lollapalooza weekend to capture and respectfully tell the story of victims of gun violence, engaging artist to show how real-life mirrors music, and vice-versa. The city once best known for the 90s era-Chicago Bulls, the rise of Kanye West and the election of President Obama now makes international headlines for stories of crime-ridden communities and nightly homicides. Is this media hype, or a city in crisis Is the Chi-Raq nickname accurate Where does the city go from here

The City of Chicago is well-regarded as one of the greatest in America. Chicago Love encompasses not just the violence in the city but how a failing school system, the community and music, all play a significant party in this ongoing epidemic that continues to plague the city. The violence in the city is very real and there are many variations we explore that must be changed for the better of the youth, says executive producer and VP, Programming & News Rahman Dukes.

Producers of the documentary spoke with several artists (including Common and Rhymefest), activists, educators, faith leaders and victims families about violence, education, the citys citys ongoing Drill music scene and the introduction of the Fe Fe movement.

As part of REVOLTs ongoing efforts to provide solutions for the violence in Chicago, REVOLT will unveil a week of editorial starting today that stretches from an outline of Chicago Love to the music movement fueled by social media on the REVOLT.TV/chicagolove website. Fans will be allowed to leave editorial testimonials to be posted on the website.

Travel with REVOLT to the Midwest for an eye-opening look at Chicago.

To view the trailer, please visit:

November 26, 10pm ET / 7pm PT

November 26, 1am ET / 10pm PT

CREDITS: Sean Diddy Combs, Creator; Keith Clinkscales and Rahman J. Dukes, Executive Producers; Pace Bowden, Producer/Camera/Editor

Follow the conversation on social media: #CHICAGOLOVE

Visit to confirm local channel listings. Follow REVOLT TV on social media for artist interviews, music news, and programming updates.

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Dej Loaf and Siya Perform In Miami At Hot Spot Iguanas

Posted to Uncategorized» Hip Hop News at 2014-11-25

Miami hotspot Cafe Iguana hosted Dej Loaf and Siya. Siya came thru and performed rocking the crowd and evening surprising them by bring her Label CEO Tank out to perform together. After rocking the crowd Dej Loaf took the stage performing hits off her mixtape Sell Sole and closed out by bringing people on stage to perform her hit Try Me











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Officer Darren Wilson Not Charged For Murder Of Mike Brown

Posted to Uncategorized» Hip Hop News at 2014-11-24

The streets of Ferguson Missouri will be a lot more tense tonight after officer Darren Wilson will not be charged for the murder of Teenager Mike Brown. St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch read a detailed explanation of how the decision was made but the public is still not buying it.Many say they are not at all surprised by the decision not to charge officer Wilson and say African American males will continue to murdered by police.

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Exclusive Interview With Sarah Haoues Crossing Oceans

Posted to Uncategorized» Hip Hop News at 2014-11-18

24: Introduce yourself to everyone in the world that doesnt already know who you are.

Haoues: My Name Is Sarah Haoues known to world as Haoues. Im 27 years young. Born in Valence France, raised between London and Paris.


24: Thats is an unusual name Haoues how did you get that name, and how do you pronounce it

Haoues: hahaha I get that question all the time its actually my birth surname, Haoues pronounced as Owe S


24: Before we get into your music publishing and publicist career, can you describe your history about how you got into the music business and what inspired you

Haoues: For me the music business was an outlet for showcasing, the vision of my dreams. It was the only thing that could manipulate my focus from my day to day.


24: What was the Hip-Hop scene like for you growing up where youre from

Haoues: The partying was definitely a highlight. Artists like Nas and Lauryn Hill put the life I was living, People in France love the American culture and where music co exists with the things I was learning, and most importantly the emotions or feelings of going through it, into words. I felt the aura and the winds of those worlds flow through me when I heard it. Thats what got me.


24: What makes you Unique as an Artist/Publisher and Publicist different from other Artist Publicist out now

Haoues: Its about the art not the fame. My cover, for many artist in Europe, I wanted to define what the difference of being average good and champion great would be as complete, it was me, my drive and determination, so I did my best. All in all, I am very conservative. But the thing I like the most is it doesnt show my face or body on flyers for events for any artist I conduct business with. You dont know what I look like, you dont know Im beautiful so when you listen you can only go off of my words. They hear me, instead of picturing me naked. I want respect cause thats all Im giving out. (Im Nice.)
And everything Ive done is very raw not that its a bad thing but just Beware. For me there arent guessing games in my hustle. I really know what Im doing, I know where Im intending to go. Instead of chasing the rollercoaster of media and spending time on how to outdo other people Im focused on me. I know myself in and out at this point, I know what I can do, and how much I can take because I understand, now, what Ive been through. You cant duplicate something Genuine. Id rather have the world chasing my tail rather than chasing that coaster.


24: Tell us about what you are working on.

Haoues: Branding meaning at my current status, Im working on developing my own brand of media promotion alongside the writer/publisher Natario Johnson The Single King to form a new company at a higher standard of media promo, for new artist and artist currently signed in label situations needing exposure of their new project/album single releases in which they have upcoming or for radio rotation in which they need to make appearances at events with shows or meet and greets.


24: What producers have you worked with and who would you like to work with in the future

Haoues: I cannot say that I worked with producers, Ive worked with some record labels, but in the future Id like to work with new producers I would love to be a part of something new, to expand my career from what I have now because I have achieved so much with the clientele I have had so far and what I have learnt working under King.


24: Are you happy with the feedback you have been getting from people on clients you have presented

Haoues: Yes people have showed me much gratitude for my accomplishments including my latest in the co-writing of Sebastian Mikeals song titled Speechless.


24: In todays free download age, what do you need to do to make yourself a household name

Haoues: I need to conquer the American Market as I have done with France and Europe, ha ha ha but with my dedication to achieving excellence only thing for me to do is grow in the field of music and artist brand.


24: How do you feel about the current state of the Hip-Hop scene

Haoues: Hip Hop to me is at a stage where anything goes as to many its more about social media language use and play on word phrases as the American youth would use phrases such as Thots describing the modern day groupie or in latent terms everyones girl stating youre a hoe which plays well with other record settlement of these hoes aint loyal compiling my thoughts of anything goes hip hop is not about lyrics anymore its about the phrase at this age in time if you have a hot phrase you have a hit record. I dont fuck with you! perfect example once again its the phrase and with a hot phrase you have many topics to run by in a field of marketing brands and songwriting.


24: Outside of the music, what else are you currently working on.

Haoues: Im working on business avenues as a publicist which is my major goal to continued success and become the branding agent and publicist that will be world renown.


24: Where do you see yourself going in 2015 and how do you plan to separate yourself from the other artist/writers and publicist out today to get the recognition you feel you deserve

Haoues: I see myself at top looking down with a smile and separation is not an option because there is only room for one at the top and I plan to have all slots taken (smiles).


24: How can fans go about contacting you

Instagram: @Sarahhaoues


24: Thank you for providing 24hourhiphop with this exclusive interview, do you have any last words for your present and future fans

Haoues: Find a Break in your day to be thankful for everything you have. Follow me on instagram @Sarahhaoues and also follow my music partner King on instagram – @potentking check me out on the latest blogs and look out for new music from me coming real soon.

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Migos Member Chained Snatched In Brawl With Chief Keef GBE Gang

Posted to Uncategorized» Hip Hop News at 2014-11-17

The beef between with rap trio Migos & Chief Keef GBE gang contiues to grow stronger.A week after Migos confronted GBE member at an Olive Garden of all places the GBE Gang retaliated in Dc.Migos who was scheduled to perform at popular strip club Stadium in Dc did take the stage to perform there many hits.After the there performance the group was approached by a group of men and an altercation took place.Video has surfaced of the group members trying to fight thru security to get back into the club and one of the members “Quavo” realized he lost his chain in the battle.Take a look at the video below shot by at fan of Migos.The beef looks like its taking a turn for the worst so we hope no further incidents occur but it’s unlikely unless someone intervenes or someone gets killed.

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Twerk Team Member Betty Butt Murdered in Atlanta

Posted to Uncategorized» Hip Hop News at 2014-11-13

She was a member of the original Twerk Team then she left to pursue her career as a dance instructor.But unfortunately she was gunned downed by unknown assailants while walking with her boyfriend.

Former Twerk Team member mizztwerksum released this statement:

I never thought I would be posting rip Betty I’m numb af right now . I could say so much but the most important thing is the last time we talked I told you I love you and you told me you loved me back that’s all that matters to me . I just look back at how we started off friends in high school to starting something bigger than we all could have can imagined . I remember us wrestling before every video and going to mc Donald’s splitting up the money we did have and balling out on the dollar menu me being underage sneaking into clubs and most off all us getting on each other nerves all the time being on the road days at a time working hard towards getting back home so we can shop and blow it all lol even the bad times I cherish it all every moment . I knew you were going to have 100 kids lol you always loved kids I knew we were the dancing TLC and destiny child hahaha Yall always use to get mad when I said I was Beyonc? . This just doesn’t feel real right now I don’t think it really ever will I cant stop crying just knowing I’ll never be able to talk or see you again . In life we always say we’ll wait on the right time to make something right but when is the right time Life isn’t guaranteed . Rip Betty I love you Jamie.”

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Kendrick Lamar Explains Why He Is Not Interested In Battling With Drake

Posted to Uncategorized» Hip Hop News at 2014-11-12

Kendrick Lamar sits down with Dj Who Kidd and explains why he is not interested in battling Drake.Check out the video below and let us know what you think

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Watch Migos Confront GBE Capo At Olive Garden

Posted to Uncategorized» Hip Hop News at 2014-11-10

The ongoing beef between Migos and Chicago crew GBE is still going as they confront one of the members named Capo at Olive Garden of all places.

Check out the war of words on twitter by the two sides….

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 4.19.36 PM

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 4.19.54 PM

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 4.20.25 PM

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