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400 Responses

  1. sorry says:

    Can you post these in the best quality you can find? Thx! 😉

    Dirty Dancing 2
    Because I said so (2007)
    Wild Target (2010 – with Emily Blunt)
    The Proposal (2009)
    The Wedding Date (2005)

  2. L says:

    Love your site. I’m Wondering if Star Trek Deep Space Nine TV Series is a possibility? Very hard to find.
    Thanks for your time.

    • NORiA says:

      Posted – The quality isn’t “great”, but should be alright. Also, we normally do 3 seasons per request (as stated in the rules above), but made an exception. So just keep that in mind when requesting next time 🙂

      • L says:

        Thanks for the exception. Been looking for this for some time now.
        Like I Said – love your site!!

  3. sf says:

    Can you post these






  4. Prabha says:

    Hi NORiA.
    Not sure if it is out yet but could you see if the New season for Samurai Jack is available.. Would be season 5. Thanks.

  5. john says:

    Deadwood Season 2 720p Bluray Sinners
    Deadwood Season 3 720p Bluray Sinners

    • NORiA says:

      Both the releases by Sinners have no seeders at all. I could S01-S03 by Pahe (lower sized re-encode, 16 GB or so in total for 3 seasons). Let me know if that’s alright.

      • john says:

        I found Deadwood Season 1-3 S01-S03 1080p BluRay x264-MIXED [RiCK].
        Love your site! Thank you so much. If it is not possible, that’s ok.

        • NORiA says:

          Have had it on for nearly a day and a half but only managed to download 36%. The seeders are extremely slow and the ETA is still a lot for me to continue. I’ll have to leave it at the moment. If you have any other request, let me know and I’ll try doing it

  6. sf says:

    Can you post these please






  7. Mario says:

    Bewitched 1964 1-8 season
    I Dream of Jeannie 1965 1-5 season

  8. SF says:

    Can you post these please






  9. AffiqKimiLer says:

    can you upload indonesian movie?

  10. Mario says:

    Dominion season 2 version bluray or webdl can?